About Us

 STOCK KHAZAANA's  Academy Roots can be traced back to 2006, and is now the most Preferred Stock market Training academy in India. We have a community of more than 12000 members who are learning to trade with accurate skills and confidence of professional traders using the Technical and mathematical knowledge provided by us on our webinar classes.

STOCK KHAZAANA is headed by Mr.Arun Lakshman having rich experience of 15+ yrs in Trading and Finance markets, having full range knowledge of Fundamentals/ Technical analysis including Harmonics and Gann methods. Which helps provide powerful combination and best possible simple techniques to derive high success ratio in Indian stock market.

We are dedicated to spread the requisite knowledge to all those aspiring to gain right skills and methods under professional guidance , and empowering them become independent Traders / investors.

Our Vision

At STOCK KHAZAANA, we envision to empower each stock market enthusiast to feel confident and trade with right mindframe. We believe in training our students in LIVE MARKET to help them get accustomed to decide about entry, exit and risk management of the trade and get seasoned in ever changing financial environment.

Our efforts will be to empower our members to understand big player's entry and exit from the stocks, and be in the same direction as the institutional investors who are well educated and deep pocketed and have best technology on their side.