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How to Use TradingView Bar Replay

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Trading View Replay Bar helps in backtesting and for practice. All traders must use this feature as it helps to simulate the market situations.

How to Get Started With Bar Replay

Turn Bar Replay On

Click on the Replay Icon. You get to see the Bar as shown below. You see a Verticle on the chart. Once you click on any of the candlesticks, all the candlesticks to your right disappear (show in the following image as your scroll down)

You can play the start button as shown in the below Video and adjust the speed as well.

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Note: Replay feature comes only with Paid Version


Most Traders use the Replay Button to practice and revisit their trades. It is beneficial during the early stage of trading for learning and later part of your trading journey.


Please note the following limitations of the Replay Bar

  • Some charts only have limited historical data

  • Some charts like continuous futures do not work with TradingView Bar Replay

  • You cannot create demo orders in Replay mode, only live trades with real-time data

  • You cannot use Japanese charts

  • Some indicators don’t work

  • You cannot use indicators that have a security function in playback

But these are very minor limitations versus the benefits

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